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Audio Tape Transfer and Video Services in DFW

In addition to providing general video services as well as video production and editing, we also provide audio tape transfer services. Although we are primarily a digital video company, we find it important to be able to offer our customers throughout the DFW area with audio services as well. Take a look at the different services we offer for your convenience.

Audio Tape Transfer Services

Do you have an old compilation tape that you want to have on CD? Do you have master recordings that you want to preserve in high resolution? We can do that and more! We digitize audio tapes and transfer them to a digital format, onto a CD, or upload them to your cloud storage so that they can last for a lifetime. With many audio cassettes and tapes losing their original quality as time passes, it’s very important to make sure you’re able to preserve them for the years to come. Plus, you’ll still have your original copies, while being able to rest easy knowing they’re preserved safely. Some of the different formats we can digitize for you include:

  • Analog multitrack tape
  • Compact cassettes
  • 8 tracks
  • Audio recordings on videotapes
  • 1/2 inch 16 track multitrack tapes
  • 1 inch 24 track multitrack tapes
  • 2 inch 24 track multitrack tapes
  • And more!

We will painstakingly work to make sure your audio tapes are restored and digitized. Since older analog tapes often deteriorate after a decade or so, you may already have lost some of the original quality of your audio tapes. However, we can often make your tapes playable again by using a process known as tape baking, and then transfer the original material so it’s playable for years to come. Besides transferring your audio to CD, we can also provide you with digital copies for their safety. Get in touch with us today for more information and an estimate!

Video Services

In addition to our general transfer and video production services, we also provide general video services for our clients. Even if you don’t see a specific service mentioned on our site, there’s a good chance we still offer it. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver for our clients in the DFW area, setting ourselves apart as the premier digital video services provider in the area. Do you need in-studio production help? Scheduling and management during pre-production? Sound design and general “video magic”? We’ve got your back! If it’s video-related, then there’s a good chance we can deliver; if not, we will partner with local DFW talent and provide you with resources to point you in the right direction. To get started today, give us a call at 214-520-7670 so we can provide our assistance. We look forward to hearing from you!

For Premier Video and Audio Services in Dallas, Call Us Today!