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8mm and 16mm Film Transfer in DFW

With technology making leaps and bounds, often making previous forms of technology antiquated, it’s important to make sure you can preserve your memories and future-proof them. When it comes to making sure your old films can be viewed for years to come by making a film transfer, look no further than Dallas Digital Video Services. Whether it’s memories preserved on 8mm or 16mm film, or old home movies, make sure that you can carry them with you into the next generation of technology. We provide professional and speedy film transfer services throughout the Dallas area, so why not stop by Dallas Digital Video Services today?

The Importance of Film Transfer

There’s no denying that there’s a certain charm when it comes to handling an old film reel, whether it’s a Super 8 film or an 8mm movie film. However, there are a few important reasons to take into consideration if you are unsure about making a film transfer. First, the older your film is, the more likely it is that the colors will shift and change. Second, film transfer costs continue to rise annually. Finally, if the so-called “vinegar syndrome” sets in, you may no longer be able to transfer your films at all.

The vinegar syndrome takes place when your films have a pungent vinegar odor, which may be followed by shrinking and buckling in the gelatin emulsion. This can be accelerated if you store your film in warm, humid areas. If this process starts, the life of your film is increasingly shortened. We’ve seen many film reels that are warped or come with mold, smelling like vinegar, making the transfer process difficult, if not impossible. This is why we recommend all potential clients bring their film reels in for our professional film transfer service!

The 8mm and 16mm Film Transfer Process

At Dallas Digital Video Services, we’ve been involved in the world of film and video for many years, and we’re fully qualified to perform the complex process of film transfer. While a time-consuming process, we are fully dedicated to making sure you have a quality product that will last a lifetime. We clean the film with non-chemical cleaners so there’s no dust or particles left behind, and use professional-grade equipment for adjusting the light and other factors. We can also add music to your films, as many 8mm and 16mm films are silent. We will then digitize and burn the content to DVD and provide you with a digital copy and upload it the cloud for your convenience. It’s really that simple!

We invite you to get in touch today so we can provide you with an estimate of how much our film transfer services will cost based on your film reels. If you have any other questions, contact us or visit us in the DFW area. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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