Our goal is to help you tell your stories and to share them with the world. To do so, you need to use powerful content. Whether you want to have a special event, such as a wedding or graduation produced, or need content for your business, we work with you to deliver cutting-edge video content.

For corporate videos, such as for events or marketing, we can assist in all areas of video production, including project development, location scouting, scripting, and even video marketing strategies to make sure your video content is successful. If we need additional crew, we often team up with local talent in the DFW area. We also provide post-production, including color correction, audio EQ and FX, and much more. Make sure that your promotional video or commercial leaves a lasting impression.

For special events on a smaller scale, we will collaborate closely with you to understand what your vision is and make sure that we stick to it. With more than one camera capturing all those precious moments, you’ll be sure to find the perfect angle to keep. Instead of you having to stress out behind the camera, we take care of that and let you be part of your event. You won’t be disappointed!

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Our high-quality video editing services will take your hours of raw footage and turn them into a cohesive, creative story that truly delivers. No bloopers or stretched-out pauses—just powerful content. 

We engage with all of our clients throughout the DFW area to make sure we meet your requirements and provide services that match all of your needs. We don’t approach our projects with a “one size fits all” mentality; we’re truly versatile and provide professional editing for training, event, explainer, wedding, real estate, and corporate videos—just to name a few. Because of this, we’ll be sure to provide editing that matches exactly what you need.


Do you want to capture a priceless memento of your family to pass on to future generations? Or perhaps you have a classic recording of a special moment in your lives on an outdated format. Dallas Digital Video Services can help. We provide professional video production, video editing, and video transfer services to individuals, families, and small businesses in and around the DFW area.


When you’re planning the most important day of your life, it’s only natural that you want a permanent record of it. Professional wedding videography can capture every moment of the wedding ceremony, allowing the couple to appreciate even scenes and moments that they didn’t experience themselves. A videographer can also provide you with a record of your wedding reception, including dances, toasts, and special messages.


Obtaining an athletic scholarship can change a person’s life. If your child is applying for an athletic scholarship, a 5 to 15 minute video highlighting his or her greatest moments on the field is a great way to make his or her application truly stand out. A well-constructed sports scholarship video won’t just include action highlights, but will also showcase your child’s personality and uniqueness. In a fiercely competitive field, this video can provide the extra edge your young athlete really needs to succeed.

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If you’re looking for a special gift for a grandparent, aunt or uncle, or family friend, a special family video is the perfect choice. We can take your home movies and assemble a video that truly showcases the most special moments, from a baby’s first steps to a kindergartener’s first day of school. We can capture birthday parties, vacations, graduation ceremonies, and anything else you want a unique video record of.


Is there a story from your life that you’d like to preserve for the future? Everyone has their own story to tell, and these stories deserve to live on forever. Whether it’s your grandfather’s tales of his time in the Navy, your parents’ account of how they first met, or your memories of your child’s birth, a life story video can provide you with a wonderful memento you can hold on to and pass down to your children.


From videotaped depositions to courtroom video displays, video plays an enormous role in the legal process. At Dallas Digital Video Services, we have the equipment and expertise needed to provide you with exceptional legal video editing and production services. We can provide attorneys, investigators, and law firms in the DFW area with the first-class video services they require. We also provide post-production, remove the balance  including color correction, audio EQ and FX, and much more.


  • Video Depositions: Video depositions have a number of advantages over written depositions. When shown in court, video depositions allow the jury to see the tone and facial expressions of the witness, which has a much more powerful effect than the reading of a transcript. They are also useful for attorneys to consult as they get ready to cross-examine witnesses.
  • Courtroom Video Displays: As many attorneys already know, well-prepared video displays can have a tremendous effect in a courtroom setting. A well-edited display may include on-camera interviews, photos, clips from home movies, and even animation. They may also be used to present important documents and textual evidence to the jury. They can even be paused so that a courtroom attorney can zoom in on certain images or provide explanations.
  • Law Firm Videos: Videos can also be an invaluable branding tool for law firms, allowing them to introduce their legal team and provide important information to potential clients. Short branding videos, FAQ-style videos that provide answers to common questions about legal subjects, and case study videos can all be beneficial to law firms that are looking to connect more directly with the public. The more professionally done these videos are, the more effective they are likely to be.
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